WDTF-LP  ~ Listener Supported 24/7 -                               Berkeley Springs, WV & Hancock, MD
Internship Program for Students Learning to
Operate the WDTF Radio Station
Students will begin by learning the basic elements and terminology of radio broadcasting. This will include the concept of radio broadcasting and the operating functions of the receiving, modulation, transmitting equipment. The accessory equipment such as CD Players, CD Recorders, Mixers and other equipment will also be explained with emphasis on the Mixer.
The second stage of the training will concentrate on the computerized automated control of this equipment using Simian software. Primarily the training will cover the daily Program Log and how it is set up and adjusted. Student will be shown how to set up an Event Log and use it to build/adjust the Program Log.
The electronic file system of the two computers, the Broadcast Computer and the Working Computer will be explained. This will include interaction between the two computers.
The third stage of the training is a hands-on experience with the student doing the following functions:
       Saving Files From The Internet
                  How to transfer files from the Internet folders such as Catholic Answers and Karen and Kids to a folder for later transfer.
       Saving Files To The Broadcast Computer
How to transfer files on “Working Computer” to the “Broadcast Computer” using Adobe, Cool Edit and other programs.
       Ripping CDs  (Going from CD to working BSI file)
               Step One: Transferring files from CD to    “working computer”
               Step Two: Transferring Files to “Sound Files on wdtf-air”.
       Creating CDs by Transferring Files From File  Folder To CD
       Creating Announcements
       Go To My PC And/Or Radmin Viewer
       Setting Time Using Time Standards
       Recording On Line Programs
       Emergency Alert System
The fourth part of the program will include the offline work involved with maintaining the program log in synchronization with Relevant Radio by using broadcast timing charts. This will require some training with Excel
The final technical training will culminate in the producing a show. Student will develop and produce his/her own 15 minute program to be aired on a specific date. The show will be live or a combination of live and recorded items.
The show will be recorded and edited for later rebroadcast. This activity is expected to take several days of planning and actual activity.
Contents will be reviewed and approved prior to broadcast for FCC compliance.
 One of the shows will include a live interview in the station. Another show must include an interview via telephone.
After the show is operational the student will be trained on marketing including pricing, contracts and writing scripts for broadcast.
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