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WDTF-LP rebroadcasts Relevant Radio programming 24/7 with the exception of special programming on Saturday and Sunday.  Relevant Radio's programming can be reviewed by going to:
Praise Ye The Lord

Around the Kitchen Table
    Carol Ambrose, a licensed professional counselor, hosts this 15 minute show on Sundays at 1:30 PM when she serves her imaginary guests the most interesting array of exotic teas and offers many types of good advice from solving marriage problems to raising children.
    The show is repeated on the following Saturday at 7:30 PM.
    For a link to Carol's website click here

Catholic Answers
    This is a top rated call-in "Apologetics" show.
WDTF-LP rebroadcasts it at 2 PM  to 3 PM on Sundays.  It lasts for one hour.
A Visit with Mrs. G
    This show is a delightfully staged visit with a charming elderly Scottish lady who tells Bible stories to a live audience of children.
    This show is on Saturday morning at 10 AM and 10:30AM and is intermingled with "Karen and Kids" where the previous weeks show is repeated.
Karen and Kids
    Karen Mortimer, a talented and versatile lady, sings, prays and engages in dialog with an alert and able group of children.  Their delightful music, contemporary in genre, is backed up by a small band playing and accompanying very tastefully.
    This show is on Saturday morning at 10:15 AM and 10:45AM and is intermingled with "A Visit with Mrs. G" where the previous weeks show is repeated.
   Knights of Columbus Luke-Hart series teaches us about our faith with 30 special programs divided into three series.  What Catholics Believe (Theology), How Catholics Pray (Worship) and How Catholics Live (Morality).  This series is used in the RCIA program at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church and are available, free, on line from the Knights of Columbus (www.kofc.org)

Saints for our Time - A series of readings taken from Ed Ransom's book giving details of how the Saints lived and died in Christ each with a message for us today.

Special Talks Recorder at the IHN Home School Conferences

    These are recordings of talks given at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Home School Conferences during the past few years.  These talks cover a host of topics from raising children to defending the Faith.

    Talks are broadcast by WDTF, with permission, on Saturday at 6:15 PM following a special Mrs. G program at 6PM
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