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Introducing Karl A. Schultz

I live in Daytona Beach and have written twelve books on Catholic spirituality, focusing on various applications of lectio divina. I have also appeared on numerous EWTN programs, and recently presented a teaching series on lectio divina with the Holy Family as a model. It was a timely topic given the upcoming synod. I can forward a DVD containing the sessions at your request.

I have presented programs on lectio divina, men's spirituality and marginalization, theology of the body, suffering and pastoral care, the Adam and Eve narrative in relation to contemporary gender issues, collaboration between the sexes, time and stress management, and Pope Paul VI and Vatican II internationally. I can forward DVDs of these presentations as well.

This past year I presented a series of lectures at the Basilica of St. Paul in Daytona Beach.

Attached is the flyer containing the dates and topics. The level of biblical literacy of those who attended the lectures was extremely low. I imagine that the literacy of parishioners who did not attend might be even lower. It struck me that a formational program involving a bishop competent on the subject might be highly effective in improving this situation in any diocese.
Attached (the last attachment) is the proposal for this project, along with my bio and various episcopal endorsements. Two of the last three attachments are samples of my parish programs and missions. My website is

You can also view recent EWTN interviews on youtube as well.

Karl A. Schultz

Karl A. Schultz           

Karl A. Schultz is the director of Genesis Personal Development Center in Daytona Beach.  He is an author, speaker, and retreat leader on personal and organizational development and biblical spirituaity, particularly the practice and application of lectio divina to such topics as:

Men’s and women’s issues and family spirituality    potential fulfillment and wellness
Gender communications and conflict resolution     time and stress management       

Mating, marriage, and sexuality     journaling and personal growth      
Schultz has presented programs in church, retreat, corporate, hospital, hospice, and convention environments throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. He has discussed his work on numerous television and radio programs, including several EWTN programs. His teaching series on lectio divina and the Holy Family will air on EWTN in 2013.           

In 1990, Schultz developed a workshop and method of therapy entitled "Job therapy" based on lectio divina that was approved by the Pa. Nurses Assoc. for R.N. continuing education units. In 1995, Schultz dialogued with Dr. Warren Farrell in an audiotape program entitled Men, Women, and Spirituality, and is now working on a related book with Farrell and Dr. Cornelius Murphy.   

Published Works 

·         The St. Joseph Guide Lectio Divina (The Catholic Book Publishing Co.)
·         The St. Joseph Guide to the Bible (The Catholic Book Publishing Co.)
·         The How-to Book of the Bible (Our Sunday Visitor)
·         How to Pray With the Bible (Our Sunday Visitor)
·         The Bible and You (Our Sunday Visitor)
·         Pope Paul VI: Christian Virtues and Values (The Crossroad Publishing Company)
·         Becoming Community: Biblical Meditations and Modern Applications (New City Press)
·         Bearing the Unbearable: Coping with Infertility & Other Intimate Suffering (Nimble Books)
·         Where is God When You Need Him? (Alba House)
·         The Art and Vocation of Caring for People in Pain (Paulist Press) ·         Personal Energy Management (Loyola University Press)
·         Journaling with Moses and Job (St. Paul Books and Media) ·         Nourished by the Word (Ave Maria Press)
·         Calming the Stormy Seas of Stress (St. Mary's Press)
·         Job Therapy (Genesis Personal Development Center)  

Academic Background  

Received B.B.A. from University of Michigan School of Business Administration, 1981, and passed C.P.A. examination in 1981. Received Phillips Classical Prize in Latin in 1978.  

Did graduate work in biblical studies and theology at St. John's Seminary, Boston, and St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, Philadelphia. Received Master Teacher Certificate in Adult Religious Education from the Archdiocese of Boston.  

Schultz can be reached at 386-323-3808 or karlaschultz@juno.com.His website is karlaschultz.com.  

Retreat, Presentation, and Workshop Topics 
Karl A. Schultz  
(412) 766-7545 / karlaschultz@juno.com / karlaschultz.com    

The Art of Dialogue and the Milan Masters: Lectio Divina as a Foundation for Spirituality and Communication According to Montini (Pope Paul VI) and Martini (Cardinal Carlo)   

Joseph, the Silent Saint: Inspired Model of Masculinity, Discipleship, and Humility 

Bringing Men Back to Church and the Family: What Both Sexes Need to Know About Adam: Biblical and Contemporary Perspectives on Men and Relationships  

The Genius of Femininity: Not Priests, But Doctors, Mystics, Mothers, Mentors, and Models: Pope Paul VI and the Empowerment and Elevation of Women  

Theology of the Body --- What’s All the Buzz About?: Applications of Pope John Paul II’s teachings on Sex, Love, and Marriage for Mature Christians

Reconciling Adam and Eve: Gender Identity and Relationships in the Bible and Life: Biblical Principles for Conflict Resolution, Healing, and Intimacy  

Job Therapy: The Stages and Language of Suffering and Care-Giving According to Job: Practicing Lectio Divina and Guided Meditations on Job for Healing and Growth   

Where is God When You Need Him?: Christian Perspectives on Suffering and Care-giving 

Experiencing the Beatitudes in Life: The Counter-Cultural Spirituality of Christianity  

Re-Reading the Signs of the Times: Rediscovering the Forgotten Pope, Paul VI, and His Legacy, Vatican II   

Fulfilling Our Potential: The Three Stages of Moses’ Life and Ours: Education and Formation, Idealism and Failure, and the Divine Initiative (Acts 7:17-43)  

The First Gospel: Matthew’s Privileged Place in the Canon, the Church, and Christians’ Lives  

When Two Hands and Twenty-Four Hours Aren’t Enough: Catholic Time Management 

Stress Transformation and Job Therapy: Coping with Chaos Through Lectio Divina  

Wellness & Potential Fulfillment in Catholicism: An Alternative to Secular Self-Help

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